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“What I learned about stammering was that,
when as a young child you lose the confidence
of anyone who wants to listen to you,
you lose confidence in your voice and the right to speech.
And a lot of the therapy was saying,
‘You have a right to be heard.’” – Tom Hooper

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Speech Therapy for Children

Speech Milestones

1-2 YearsHearing and Understanding Talking 2-3 YearsHearing and Understanding Talking 3-4 YearsHearing and Understanding Talking 4-5 YearsHearing and Understanding Talking

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Understanding Speech and Hearing Therapy

Speech and hearing therapy (also known as speech-language pathology and audiology) are important health-related specialties concerned with normal development of human communication and treatment of

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Speech Therapy for Adults

We help adults to achieve their best communication. Adults with speech problems are often impacted socially, professionally, and emotionally. Our Speech Therapy team has the

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Speech Tips for Kids!

It’s thrilling to hear your child say their first words. However, while baby talk is adorable, you might be a little worried when they still

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What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a service where healthcare professionals called speech therapists (STs) work to help individuals of all ages with communication and swallowing difficulties to

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