What’s your Learning Style?

What’s your learning style?

The idea is simple, some of us learn better by talking about an idea, or perhaps by mapping out an idea. A good teacher brings many learning modes into their classroom, knowing that “aha moments” come most easily when all the senses have a chance to contribute. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Verbal – Do you need to talk it out? Does it click when you explain it to someone else? That’s verbal learning at work.
  • Visual – Is there pile of post-it notes next to you? Fond of doodling during calls? You might be a visual learner.
  • Tactile – Sports, bread-baking, dancing, managing a toddler birthday party — tactile learners excel here.

Naturally, this idea extends to speech therapy. In the study, all students are treated with visual and verbal instructions about how to make the s-sound, but the students using Speech Buddies have the benefit of a “tactile” learning experience as well. Using the Seal Speech Buddy helps a student understand exactly where to put their tongue to pronounce the s-sound correctly.


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