Speech Disorders in Adults

Speech Disorders

Speech disorders typically affect the vocal cords, muscles, nerves, and other structures within the mouth and throat. People who have medical or developmental conditions can also have speech disorders.

Language Disorders

A language disorder is a communication disorder in which a person has persistent difficulties in learning and using various forms of language.

Difficulty Swallowing

Some people with dysphagia can’t swallow certain foods, while others can’t swallow at all. Other signs of dysphagia include coughing or choking when eating or drinking.

Stroke Rehabilitation

A typical effect stroke patients experience is speech impairment. Most stroke patients regain some normal speech, but there are exercises you can do to achieve better results.

Injury Rehabilitation

Vocal cord damage, brain injuries and even trauma to the mouth and tongue can affect the way you eat, swallow and communicate. Speech therapy can help!


Neurorehabilitation often involves teaching people how to move, talk, think and care for themselves again.

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