About Our Speech & Language Therapy

We offer Speech & Language Therapy in both English and Afrikaans, our therapy is available in our rooms or home visits.


Neonatal Services

  • Neonatal feeding and swallowing disorders or delays
  • Retraining of disorganized sucking patterns
  • Reflux management

Adult Services

  • Rehabilitation of feedings and swallowing post stroke / traumatic brain injury
  • Speech, reading, writing and cognitive rehabilitation post / stroke traumatic brian injury

Pardiatric Services

  • Delays and disorders of speech and language development (including children with cerebral palsy autism, down syndrome, and cleft lip cleft palate)
  • Articulation and phonology disorders or delays (speech sound erros)
  • School-age learning delays or disorders (reading and spelling difficiulties, use and undersating of langiuafe)

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